Who Is This Jesus

Book Review by Robin S. Pike Garland
August 2019

Who is this Jesus?
A Story Of Miracles

Author: © 2013 Max Lucado
5.5×7.5 Hardback. Full color.
Publisher: © 2013 Worthy Inspired, an Imprint of Worthy Publishing Group
Pages: 94 (Includes: copyright, dedication, editor’s introduction.)
Impressive interior art by C. Michael Dudash.
Excellent book design and layout.

In this small, beautifully written book the Editor’s introduction lets the Reader know how Max Lucado shares there is hope in your difficult situation.

Picture the worst day in your life. The details? Who was with you? What was said, how you felt?

Can you picture Jesus worst day? How he felt?

The fact that he died and rose out of the grave three days later was the beginning of letting go of one of the darkest days of fear and despair into one of JOY of better times to come.

The bible does not tell the story of any soldier and what they thought during the hours and days that followed the crucifixion.

Just think:

If we could have known what the Roman soldiers thought it might have been shared like this…

Through a Roman soldier’s viewpoint; Claudius explains what he witnessed the day Jesus was nailed to the cross and his resurrection three days later.