Slightly Used Book Store And Other Items

In no particular order.

Robin has purchased and owned all of these books for many years and now would like other aspiring writer’s to enjoy them.

How To Write A Book Proposal Author: Michael Larsen, AAR Publisher: Writer Digest Books Copyright: 1997 Pages: 206 Original Cost: $14.99 Sale Price: 7.00 Written by a Literary Agent who has successfully placed writer’s manuscripts with more than 100 publishers. Book Condition: Great. Note:  Author signed book to person who bought it at a Writer’s Conference.      
Bird By Bird Author: Anne Lamott Publisher: Doubleday Publish Date: 1994 Page Count: 240 Original Price: 12.95 Sale Price: 6.00 Some Instructions on Writing and Life. A book all writer’s should read. Condition: Some highlighting, not much.  


The Art Of Fiction Author: John Gardner Publisher: Vintage Books a Division of Random House Publish Date: 1983 Page Count: 225 Original Price: 9.00 Sale Price: 3.50 Notes on Craft for Young Writers Condition: Good. Some Highlighting. Not much.


Grammatik The Easiest Way To Improve Your Writing Software: Egghead Software Publish Date: 1983 Original Price: 19.99 Sale Price: 4.50 Grammatik for Windows Wordperfect for Windows Special Edition Software and User guide Included Condition: Sealed. Never been opened.


Planets Possibilities Explore the World’s Beyond Your Sun Sign Author: Susan Miller Publisher: Warner Books Hardback Publish Date: 2001 Page Count: 418 Original Price: 26.95 Sale Price: 12.00 In-depth guide to understanding every Astrological Signs. Condition: Excellent.


Quattro The Professional Spreadsheet Author: Lisa Biow Publisher: Borland-Osborne/McGraw Hill Publish Date: 1988 Page Count: 600 Original Price: 19.95 Sale Price: 9.95 Learn macros, dates and times, working with blocks,and extracting records – to name a few. Condition: Excellent.


Open Your Mind to Prosperity Author: Catherine Ponder Publisher: DeVorss & Company Publish Date: 1971 Page Count: 176 Original Price: 9.00 Sale Price: 5.00 How to create prosperity using your mind and visualizing. Condition: Excellent.


Using Wordperfect Revised Edition Includes Versions 4.0 and 4.1 Author: Deborah Beacham and Walter Beacham Publisher: Que Corporation Publish Date: 1987 printing Page Count: 307 Original Price: 18.95 Sale Price: 7.00 User guide to all things Wordperfect. Condition: Good. Some highlighting.


Selling Your Services Author:Robert W. Bly Publisher:Henry Holt and Company Publish Date: 1991 Page Count: 350 Original Price: 14.95 Sale Price: 6.50 A book for anyone who is thing or wanting to sell their services. Condition: Good. No tears or bent pages.


Arts & Letters Handbook Author: Michael Utvitch Publisher: Bantam Publish Date: 1991 Page Count: 455 Original Price: 34.99 Sale Price: 16.50 In-depth illustration guide including unopened software disk. Condition: Good. No tears or bent pages.


Using Aldus Pagemaker 3.0 2nd Edition Author: Douglas Kramer, Rodger Parker with Eda Warren Publisher: Bantam Books Publish Date: 1988 Page Count: 356 Original Price: 22.95 Sale Price: 12.00 In-depth user-guide to Pagemaker with Illustrations Condition: Excellent.


Running MS DOS Updated Author: Van Wolverton Publisher: Microsoft Press Publish Date: 1984 Page Count: 423 Original Price: 21.95 Sale Price: 12.00 In-depth guide to learning and running MS DOS. Condition: Excellent.


WordPerfect Tips and Tricks
Author: Alan R. Neibauer
Publisher: Sybex
Publish Date: 1986
Page Count: 441
Original Price: 18.95
Sale Price: 9.95

Learn all the tips and tricks using Wordperfect.

Condition: Excellent.



Harvard Graphics 3.0 Made Easy Author: Mary Campbell Publisher: Osborne/McGraw-Hill Publish Date: 1991 Page Count: 358 Original Price: 24.95 Sale Price: 12.00 Step-by-step approach for a fast start. Real world desktop publishing examples. Creative ideas for designs and layouts. Condition: Excellent.


Using WordPerfect 5
Charles O. Stewart III
QUE Corporation
Publish Date:  1988

Page Count: 867
Original Price: 21.95
Sale Price: 8.95

Everything you need to know about using WordPerfect ,and then some. Excellent guide.

Condition: Very Good.


Line by Line
How To Improve Your Own Writing

Author: Claire Kehrwald Cook
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Publish Date: 1985
Page Count: 219
Original Price: 8.95
Sale Price: 4.50

Use editing techniques to produce flawless sentences. Improve grammar.

Condition: Good.



How To Write for Television
Author: Madeline DiMaggio

Publisher: A Fireside Book published by Simon & Schuster
Publish Date: 1990
Page Count: 92
Original Price: 9.95
Sale Price: 4.50

How to write treatments, pilots, sitcoms, hour-long dramas, and more.

Condition: Good.


The PC is not a Typewriter Author: Robin Williams Publisher: Peachpit Press Publish Date: 1991 Page Count: 92 Original Price: 9.95 Sale Price: 4.50 A style manual for creating professional-level type on your personal computer. Condition: Excellent.


Learn Microsoft Visio 2002 Author: Ralph Grabowski Publisher: Warner Books Publish Date: 2002 Page Count: 360 Original Price: 29.95 Sale Price: 14.50 User guide for all things Visio. Condition: Excellent.


How To Sell Every magazine Article You Write Author: Lisa Collier Cool Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books Hardcover Publish Date: 1986 Page Count: 214 Original Price: 14.95 Sale Price: 9.95 Comprehensive “how to” that can still be used today. Condition: Excellent.