Slightly Used Book Store And Other Items

In no particular order.

How To Write A Book Proposal Author: Michael Larsen, AAR Publisher: Writer Digest Books Copyright: 1997 Pages: 206 Original Cost: $14.99 Sale Price: 7.00 Written by a Literary Agent who has successfully placed writer’s manuscripts with more than 100 publishers. Book Condition: Great. Note:  Author signed book to person who bought it at a Writer’s Conference.      
Bird By Bird Author: Anne Lamott Publisher: Doubleday Publish Date: 1994 Page Count: 240 Original Price: 12.95 Sale Price: 6.00 Some Instructions on Writing and Life. A book all writer’s should read. Condition: Some highlighting, not much.  

The Art Of Fiction Author: John Gardner Publisher: Vintage Books a Division of Random House Publish Date: 1983 Page Count: 225 Original Price: 9.00 Sale Price: 3.50 Notes on Craft for Young Writers Condition: Good. Some Highlighting. Not much.

Grammatik The Easiest Way To Improve Your Writing Software: Egghead Software Publish Date: 1983 Original Price: 19.99 Sale Price: 4.50 Grammatik for Windows Wordperfect for Windows Special Edition Software and User guide Included Condition: Sealed. Never been opened.

Planets Possibilities Explore the World’s Beyond Your Sun Sign Author: Susan Miller Publisher: Warner Books Hardback Publish Date: 2001 Page Count: 418 Original Price: 26.95 Sale Price: 12.00 In-depth guide to understanding every Astrological Signs. Condition: Excellent.  
Quattro The Professional Spreadsheet Author: Lisa Biow Publisher: Borland-Osborne/McGraw Hill Publish Date: 1988 Page Count: 600 Original Price: 19.95 Sale Price: 9.95 Learn macros, dates and times, working with blocks,and extracting records – to name a few. Condition: Excellent.  

Open Your Mind to Prosperity Author: Catherine Ponder Publisher: DeVorss & Company Publish Date: 1971 Page Count: 176 Original Price: 9.00 Sale Price: 5.00 How to create prosperity using your mind and visualizing. Condition: Excellent.

Using Wordperfect Revised Edition Includes Versions 4.0 and 4.1 Author: Deborah Beacham and Walter Beacham Publisher: Que Corporation Publish Date: 1987 printing Page Count: 307 Original Price: 18.95 Sale Price: 7.00 User guide to all things Wordperfect. Condition: Good. Some highlighting.  
Selling Your Services Author:Robert W. Bly Publisher:Henry Holt and Company Publish Date: 1991 Page Count: 350 Original Price: 14.95 Sale Price: 6.50 A book for anyone who is thing or wanting to sell their services. Condition: Good. No tears or bent pages.  
Arts & Letters Handbook Author: Michael Utvitch Publisher: Bantam Publish Date: 1991 Page Count: 455 Original Price: 34.99 Sale Price: 16.50 In-depth illustration guide including unopened software disk. Condition: Good. No tears or bent pages.  

Using Aldus Pagemaker 3.0 2nd Edition Author: Douglas Kramer, Rodger Parker with Eda Warren Publisher: Bantam Books Publish Date: 1988 Page Count: 356 Original Price: 22.95 Sale Price: 12.00 In-depth user-guide to Pagemaker with Illustrations Condition: Excellent.

Running MS DOS Updated Author: Van Wolverton Publisher: Microsoft Press Publish Date: 1984 Page Count: 423 Original Price: 21.95 Sale Price: 12.00 In-depth guide to learning and running MS DOS. Condition: Excellent.  
WordPerfect Tips and Tricks
Author: Alan R. Neibauer
Publisher: Sybex
Publish Date: 1986
Page Count: 441
Original Price: 18.95
Sale Price: 9.95

Learn all the tips and tricks using Wordperfect.

Condition: Excellent.


Harvard Graphics 3.0 Made Easy Author: Mary Campbell Publisher: Osborne/McGraw-Hill Publish Date: 1991 Page Count: 358 Original Price: 24.95 Sale Price: 12.00 Step-by-step approach for a fast start. Real world desktop publishing examples. Creative ideas for designs and layouts. Condition: Excellent.  

Using WordPerfect 5
Charles O. Stewart III
QUE Corporation
Publish Date:  1988

Page Count: 867
Original Price: 21.95
Sale Price: 8.95

Everything you need to know about using WordPerfect ,and then some. Excellent guide.

Condition: Very Good.

Line by Line
How To Improve Your Own Writing

Author: Claire Kehrwald Cook
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Publish Date: 1985
Page Count: 219
Original Price: 8.95
Sale Price: 4.50

Use editing techniques to produce flawless sentences. Improve grammar.

Condition: Good.


How To Write for Television
Author: Madeline DiMaggio

Publisher: A Fireside Book published by Simon & Schuster
Publish Date: 1990
Page Count: 92
Original Price: 9.95
Sale Price: 4.50

How to write treatments, pilots, sitcoms, hour-long dramas, and more.

Condition: Good.

The PC is not a Typewriter Author: Robin Williams Publisher: Peachpit Press Publish Date: 1991 Page Count: 92 Original Price: 9.95 Sale Price: 4.50 A style manual for creating professional-level type on your personal computer. Condition: Excellent.

Learn Microsoft Visio 2002 Author: Ralph Grabowski Publisher: Warner Books Publish Date: 2002 Page Count: 360 Original Price: 29.95 Sale Price: 14.50 User guide for all things Visio. Condition: Excellent.

How To Sell Every magazine Article You Write Author: Lisa Collier Cool Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books Hardcover Publish Date: 1986 Page Count: 214 Original Price: 14.95 Sale Price: 9.95 Comprehensive “how to” that can still be used today. Condition: Excellent.