Screenwriter’s Bible

Book Review by Robin S. Pike Garland
July 2019

Screenwriter’s Bible A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script
6th Edition Expanded & Updated


David Trottier

Publisher:  ©2014 Silman-James Press

Size: 11×12

David Trottier’s book is a Screenwriters must-have, and an Entertainment Industry-standard – if it is your desire is to sell someday, option, produce, or get an A-Lister Movie Actor attached to your projects?

So much information pack into this book. Examples include story-layering, plot, genre, to backstory, believably, twists, and reversals, and heroes versus villains to how to write character dialogue, action, scene headings, transitions, character descriptions/tags­ the different ways to write flashbacks, montage, a series of shots, and when to use Voice Overs (VO), and Off Screen (OS).

And of course: How to format a TV script.

David also explains how to write a Spec Script that can be a key to breaking into the industry.

Standards are there to help Screenwriters on their way, and the workbook with several examples and the different ways you can write them is at the back of the book.

A Screenwriter or any Writer for that matter must decide if you have patience, and the fortitude to keep going when the going gets tough? Are you in?

Seriously- Screenwriter’s Bible is a must have!
I have two. One that is marked up and paste-it-notes, and the other is new and in my library!