Praying for the Impossible

Praying for the Impossible

Buddy Harrison
Publisher: © 2019 Harrison House
Size: 4.15 x 6.75

This book was previously published; however, the Copyrights page does not mention the date.

Mr. Harrison’s book covers the thought process of making supplications when praying to God – which means to be specific and exact in your prayer requests.

It states in the book that you can go by inspirations, but you must take time out to put it in writing.

Supplication- petition formal request that deals with the legal side of an issue and addressed to a person or group in authority. It also requires some form of judicial action.

Each chapter goes through the steps Mr. Harrison wants you to go through and use scripture as part of your prayer and supplication.

Reviewer’s note:

I pray the Lord’s Prayer several times a day. It brings me comfort, and I am always shown the way.

I do not know the Bible from cover to cover, although I am reading it now.

My Faith is my truth.

Faith is a very personal journey. What resonates with one person will not with another. Being of Faith and believing in God and Jesus is a private matter of choice.

Good-old Prayer – is all you need!