Cowlicks & Freckles


Located in California, Tanglewood, an established neighborhood of Craftsman and ranch-style homes, the Douglas family moves into the area, disrupting the natural order of things.

Susie Jenkins, a Postal Worker, hands Jelly Douglas (an eccentric ten-year-old) sitting on her front porch, an educational catalog. Flipping through the catalog she finds something she wants to buy, but she needs to earn money.

Jelly starts a dog walking business, and the process it is not without its complications. Enlisting the aid of Jacob Muller, a retired building contractor, together, they create a mini hand-held control station allowing her to walk three dogs at one time.

Of course there is jealousy from others Jelly needs to deal with, as well as her own family not believing in her, but Jelly proves them all wrong.

Jelly’s “Can do Attitude.” is her success.

Walking dogs, Jelly meets a intelligent, and unique girl and at first nether one knows how to communicate, until Jelly is handed a Sign Language book. The two become best friends and work together to solve neighborhood mysteries.

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