Yep, that is me and my big hair.       

I am Jelly Douglas, a high-spirited, ten-year-old freckle-faced girl with an overbite; and a noticeable gap between my two front teeth.

Don’t laugh; it is true. I must say, the last two weeks have been something of a whirlwind around our house. Remember Cowlicks and Freckles, the first book in this series where we presented Madison with a new wheelchair at the welcome to the neighborhood party?

Since then, Eli Winterbaum, Madison’s grandfather past away quite suddenly. And although painful and unfortunate for my friend, we asked Madison if she would join our family. Even Rizzo expressed his vote by jumping onto Madison’s lap unexpectedly and kiss her nose. You had to be there; it was hilarious.

We are a family of five now, oops; I almost forgot Rizzo, so that makes six. Also, isn’t it great that Madison taught Anna, April, mom, and my best friend, Jacob Muller, Sign Language so we can all communicate, I think so?

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