Book Reviews

In no particular order.


Author: Dan Brown
Publisher: Doubleday
Copyright: 2017
Pages: 461
Book Review by: Robin S. Garland
January 2021

Professor Langdon arrives in Spain at the request of his longtime friend, Edmond Kirsch who is on the verge of disclosing a spiritual and scientific truth.

Kirsch, a non-religious believer, has something he wants to share with the entire world. This has every Religious clergy, secret societies, the scientific and medical community at odds as to what Kirsch has found out or is about to share.

Unknowingly Professor Langdon and Ambra Vidal, who is newly engaged to Prince Julian of Spain and against Prince Julian’s wishes, listens to a large presentation by the secretive computer geek, Edward Kirsch, who suggests that where we come from is not what you expected.

On stage and giving his speech, Kirsch is unexpectedly wounded, setting off a string of accusations, numeric and computer codes, a conspiracy theories as to who is the mastermind behind this surprising political action.

No one knows about Winston, Kirsch’s Artificial Intelligence computer with a British voice who can access or research any inquiry from a variety of sources. Winston communicates via a cell phone or earpiece.

Kirsch gave Winston a supernova abilities with access to everything and anything is unsurpassed in the world.

The book’s theme and many plots twisting and turning in all directions can make the Reader reread several pages to make sure to understand the different levels of suspicion, possible treason, murders, and redirects as Ambra Vital and Professor Langdon follow the symbols, history, art, Clergy, and Police that take place in many areas of Spain.

Spain’s Royalty treats everyone as a suspect especially Professor Landon. Ambra and the professor attempt to understand each clue and the mastermind behind who hurt their friend and associate Edward Kirsch?

How did the earth come to be in existence?

Are we all aliens?

A page-turner. Read the captivating novel Origin. Maybe the suggestions given in the book will make you think about the origins of our existence.

House of Lies

Author: Terry Lynn Thomas
Publisher: Harper Collins 2020
Publish Date: March 4, 2020
Page Count: 240
Book Review by: Robin Garland July 2020


House of Lies, a fictional historical thriller set in 1941 England during World War II, cunningly portrays a web of deceit and suspense the goes deep into the psychology of each character. Some men and women work in secrete, some to control others for prosperity, but when life itself heightened by fear and betrayal, a war lingers in the background.

Hugh Bettencourt’s marriage to his wife Margaret, a cold and calculating woman, is a travesty. They tried, of course, but Margaret knows no bounds when she uses her feminine wilds to get what she wants from whom she wants. Kat Carlisle, a wealthy socialite with a heart of gold, and Thomas Charles, a spy, and investigator, help the local constabulary to hide a precious relic until there is a suspicious death of a capricious young woman who is staying at Kat’s boarding house in the country. The theft of the antiquity happens not once-several times, suspecting Kat, Thomas, the Constabulary, Hugh, Margret, and their other love interests as each try to blame the other when secrets unravel and become public. And when you think the story is complete, the ending is a surprising twist of fate.