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As far as I can remember I’ve had a arts-n-crafts vibe going on. I was creative, and always making things with my hands, crafts, drawing, and making Christmas trees out of old 5×7 Readers Digest (I folded the corners of the pages inside until the entire thing was a completed cone shape). Spraying the entire tree with green paint I also sprinkled different colored glitter onto the paint while it was still wet. After letting it dry, I added small red, blue, and green tiny Christmas bulbs using paperclips as hooks. So much fun!

Writing is fun for me. Most days, I write at least five hours a day. I can be so immersed in what I am writing… I forget what time it is. Just the other day, I began writing at 5 am, and it wasn’t until 9 pm that I realized the day went by and I didn’t even notice.

“I am at peace and happy when being creative.”

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