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Full Manuscripts
Editing, Proofreading
Grammar and Style

Theme and Plot
Character  Arc

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Your Logline or I’ll Create One
Story Structure
Character Arc

I use Final Draft
Up to 120-127 pages

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TV Scripts
Your Logline or I Will Create One
30 to 60  Pages
All Genres Accepted

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Robin has only submitted two of her screenplays to screenplay competitions and  both advanced or placed:

Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition
Austin Film Festival Comedy Screenplay Competition.

“I Believe, It Is Important To Say What You Mean, And Mean What You Say.
And If You Agree To Do Something, Do It!”

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What Clients Say About Robin’s Help

Jennifer B. Says:

Jennifer B.
School Teacher

“Thank you for editing, The Legacy of Kiah Dafar.
Your insights into the story line make sense to me now,
and I am going to take your suggestion and make
this a full-length book with illustrations.”

When Robin Is Not Helping Other Screenwriters and Author's She Is

She is working on her own creations including but not limited to: murder mysteries, action adventure, westerns, romance, children’s coming of age books, and dystopia then adapts them all into screenplays and TV scripts …  you get the picture.

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